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Pack of 2: Moringa Capsule + Chia Seeds


Weight: 0.1 kg
Vendor: Jabeens Shop

Gram: 250g Chia Seeds + 100 Capsule

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Our unique packages of Moringa and Chia seeds, available only at Jabeen's Organics Store, will help you improve your health. We offer you some of the best deals in Pakistan, recognizing the significance of value and nutrition in your everyday life and providing you with a nutritious combo of Chia seeds and Moringa pills at meager prices.

PKR 1499 for 250g of Chia seeds and 100pc Moringa capsule:

When you combine our Moringa 100 Capsule with 250g of Chia Seeds, you may experience a world of vitality for just PKR 1300. You may take advantage of this fantastic offer and get the health benefits of both Chia and Moringa seeds at an affordable price.

PKR 2450 for 500g of Chia seeds and 100pc Moringa capsule:

You may improve your health journey by getting our 500mg Moringa 100 Capsule and 500g of Chia Seeds for a great price of PKR 2450. Choosing Jabeen's Organics Store will provide you with the finest return on your investment in your well-being.

Moringa 100 capsules, and 1 kilogram of Chia seeds cost PKR 3499

As seen by our ultimate health package, we are dedicated to your well-being. Get 100 capsules with 1kg Chia Seeds for the fantastic price of PKR 3499, coupled with an ample 1 kg supply of chia seeds. Our motto at Jabeen's Organics Store is giving you more for less money.

Why do People prefer the Jabeen's Organics Store?

In a market where competitors only offer one product at these prices, Jabeen's Organics Store stands out by providing you with the best deal on whatever product you buy in Pakistan. We believe that your well-being should never be compromised, and our bundles are evidence of this.

Now is the time to discover the outstanding value of our bundles of Moringa and Chia seeds. At Jabeen's Organics Store, cost and quality come together.